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Looking to buy a new car?? Want an independent inspection?

We pride ourselves on being thorough with all aspects of our work and a pre-purchase inspection is no exception. We not only check and report obvious faults both internal and external but we also check the entyre vehicle over mechanically and structurally.

Our pre-purchase inspection combines the check overs of a roadworthy and our full maintenance service. Our thorough inspection gives you the confidence in not having any surprises come time for your first service! We cover the following:

* Check under bonnet, fluids, belts, hoses etc.
* Check lights, wipers and horn operation.
* Check radiator and cooling system, tested for leaks.
* Check front and rear brakes.
* Check steering, suspension and underbody.
* Check condition of tyres and tyre pressures, including the spare tyre.
* Check exhaust system for leaks, alignment and condition.
* Check basic tune, spark plugs and air filter.
* Check for vehicle damage and repairs.
* Check operation of all dash controls.

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