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Tyre Service

Drive with confidence and without losing grip on the road thanks to the excellent tyre servicing solutions on offer from Yarra Valley Autocare! Often overlooked until it is too late, the car’s tyres need to be kept in the best condition possible in order to deliver a smooth driving experience and without putting the driver or other road users at risk.

Tyre Service

With our methodical tyre service our specialists will examine the tyres, checking for signs of wear, exposed radials, punctures, and worn tread, to make sure that the tyres are safe for the roads. If you suspect your tyres are putting your life at risk, or you have started to noticed your car loses traction in wet weather, give us a call today on 03 9735 3559.

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We are one of the leading auto repair shops in Lilydale serving customers in The Yarra Valley. All mechanic services are performed by highly qualified mechanics.

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